Tactile Switches in Video Game Controllers

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tactile dome switch video game controller

If you’ve ever played a video game, then you’re likely familiar with the various controllers that come with video game systems. Each controller has a unique design that provides the user with a different experience and tactile functions while playing a game. Most standard gaming controllers use tactile switches to provide crisp tactile feedback. Recent advances in video game technology, namely with controllers, have created a need for better and more efficient tactile switches. Tactile dome switches can be pressed millions of times, making them an ideal solution for video game controllers.

Pressure-Sensitive Video Game Controls

Several of today’s video game controllers utilize pressure-sensitive controls. For example, if you’re playing a baseball simulation game, the harder you press a button, the harder the character on the screen will throw the ball. A pressure signal transfers from the tactile switch to the game’s programming and the game then translates that signal into action on the screen. This signal happens within a matter of milliseconds, and the human eye can’t detect the delay between when the user pushes the button, and when the corresponding action takes place in the game.

Custom Button Layouts

Every video game controller is different, which means that each one needs a custom switch layout to match the controller’s custom button layout. At Snaptron, we create custom tactile dome arrays so that each switch is in the right place for its corresponding button. 

Worn Buttons and Joysticks

One of the biggest challenges that designers and manufacturers face is creating a product that will withstand the wear and tear of constant use. Video game controllers are made from plastic and metal that can hold up to repeated use. Underneath, the tactile domes need to be able to perform through millions of use cycles. If the buttons or joysticks become worn, you may replace them, but high-quality metal domes will continue working for years. Gaming users are incredibly hard on controllers pressing buttons hundreds of times a session.

If you’re interested in learning more about tactile dome switches or ordering a custom dome array for a video controller, then contact us today.