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Five Most Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Dome Switches

When it comes to finding the right dome switch, designers must work around standard domes’ limitations or find a custom solution. So how do you know if metal dome switches are suitable for your application? Below are five of the most frequently asked questions we get from engineers investigating dome switches as viable solutions for their products.

Actuators for Metals Dome Switch Assembly

Actuators for Metal Dome Switch Assembly An actuator is a mechanical component of a switch assembly that interfaces with the metal dome to depress it to switch closure. Actuators often enhance the feel of a switch by focusing force to the middle of the metal dome. A proper actuator is essential to receive the best […]

Tactile Metal Dome Switches

A Quick Guide to Tactile Metal Dome Switches Tactile domes, also known as snap domes, are normally open momentary contacts that provide a crisp tactile feel, letting the user know the button was pressed. Metal domes offer many key advantages over other switch solutions. Low profiles and high life cycle ratings make tactile metal domes […]

Snaptron Launches the RCG Series

Snaptron Launches the RCG Series, A Tactile Dome Switch that Activates Multiple Independent Circuits and Reduces the Impact from Debris WINDSOR, CO, May 26, 2020—Today Snaptron announced the launch of a brand-new series of metal domes, the RCG series, a four-legged dome with a unique ring in the center. This feature helps reduce impact from […]

Tactile Switches in Video Game Controllers

Tactile Dome Switches in Video Game Controllers If you’ve ever played a video game, then you’re likely familiar with the various controllers that come with the game systems. Each controller has a unique design that provides the user with a different experience and tactile functions while playing a game. Most standard gaming controllers use tactile […]

Metal Domes A Key Component of a Membrane Switch

Metal Domes: A Key Component of a Membrane Switch Integrating metal domes into your application is simple—if you know the components necessary to complete the switch assembly. Whether you are assembling a membrane switch, keypad, or other types of switch, metal domes are critical components. Other parts of the switch may include graphic overlays, adhesives, […]

How to Analyze a Force Displacement for a Dome Switch

How to Analyze Force Displacement for a Dome Switch A force-displacement curve is an excellent way to look at the mechanical function of a switch visually. The curve primarily shows two things – the amount of force needed to actuate a switch from its open position to closed position, and the amount of travel the […]