RCG Series

The Most Versatile Tactile Dome Switch on the Market

We designed the RCG dome with your unique application in mind. The RCG-Series are the first tactile domes from Snaptron with a “ring” feature pressed into the top of the dome. The ring provides a 360-degree contact area which helps reduce the impact of contamination and increases the chance of electrical contact. The RCG dome comes in sizes ranging from 5.3 to 12 mm and has life ratings up to 5,000,000 cycles.

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Activate Multiple, Independent Circuits

A fingered center pad allows for two or more circuits to be contacted at the same time so that multiple independent circuits can be activated. This design also provides multiple contacts, even if the ring makes uneven electrical contact.

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Minimize the Impact of Debris

Most dome designs have parallel surfaces or a single point contacting the center.  This means that a single piece of debris could potentially prevent center contact. The flexibility of the RCG dome allows the ring feature to make contact along some parts of the circuit even if non-conductive debris impedes some of the contact area.

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Close the Circuit Even With Off-Centered Presses

Even a slightly off-center actuation of an RCG dome still contacts the ring on the center contact pad, ensuring that electrical contact is maintained. Off-center actuation of standard domes results in a contact point that has moved significantly and may not make electrical contact. 

Maximize Contact Surface Area

Most dome designs only make contact at a single point in the center. This single point concentrates the electrical and mechanical load and can lead to early failure. The circular ring of the RCG series spreads out the contact area and reduces long term impact from repetitive motion, allowing for a more reliable electrical contact for the life of the product.

Download the RCG Dome Product Guide: One Design, Four Solutions

Your guide to the unique capabilities of the RCG-Series.

Customize Your Circuit Board

The unique design of the RCG dome allows for endless possibilities when designing your circuit board. Please consult with our team of engineers to come up with a contact pad that meets the unique requirements of your application.