stackedYou can now order standard Peel-N-Place domes or custom Peel-N-Place dome arrays with two domes per position. This new manufacturing method allows two 4-leg domes (F or U Series) of identical diameter and actuation force to be stacked, essentially doubling the actuation force. Actuation forces in excess of 4,000 grams (depending on the size of the dome chosen) can be now be achieved.

A typical characteristic of metal dome switches is that life diminishes as the actuation force increases in relation to the domes’ size. The result is that design engineers have often had to sacrifice actuation force in order to achieve the desired cycle life.

Stacking domes allows high forces to be achieved while still maintaining excellent life. Stacking domes works with any of Snaptron’s F-Series or U-Series domes, sizes 6mm to 20mm.