Membrane Switches

Snaptron was initially founded to serve the membrane switch and related industries. While we have expanded into many other markets, we still are a leading supplier of tactile dome switches for membrane switches, flex circuits, and PCBs. Tactile domes are a vital component of the membrane switch, and our variety of shapes, sizes, and trip forces is likely a match for your application. Metal domes are momentary switches that adhere to the circuit with either tape or solder and provide tactile feedback for your membrane switch.

In addition to providing the tactile element behind your switch, we also offer a variety of placement equipment to help reduce labor costs and maximize ROI. For example, the SureShot placement machine uses domes in cartridges to place domes up to ten times faster than manual placement. While our Dart, a hand-held placement tool, is also designed to use domes in cartridges to make manual placement fast, easy, and accurate.

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membrane switch snap dome snaptron
Membrane switch with tactile domes
A flexible circuit with metal dome switches
Membrane switch with keycaps and metal domes