Fitness and Wearables Tactile Domes

Tactile domes are often a sought-after switch becoming increasingly popular in fitness and wearable applications. These switches are made from metal and are designed to provide tactile feedback when the user is exercising.

This feedback can help to improve the intensity and duration of the workout, and it can also help to improve the overall feel of the wearable. The switches are also easy to use and can be programmed to connect to various devices, including computers, smartphones, and other wearable devices.

Snaptron’s metal dome switches can be preloaded on polyester back adhesive tape to help protect the switch from contaminants, water, or debris. This makes metal domes an ideal switch offering for fitness and wearable products. Contact Snaptron today to learn how to integrate tactile domes into your fitness and wearables applications.

smart watch with switches snaptron
Smartwatch devices feature tactile switches on the sides of the device
Close-up of bycicle monitor with buttons, handles and levels settings for cardio workout in a gym
Close-up of bicycle monitor with membrane switch buttons for monitoring exercise, changing speeds, etc.