Introducing the NC-Series: A Normally-Closed Dome Switch with Single Pole, Double Throw Capabilities

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WINDSOR, October 9, 2023 – Today, Snaptron, a leading manufacturer of tactile switches, is thrilled to announce the launch of the NC-Series, a normally closed switch characterized by its single pole, double throw (SPDT) design. This cutting-edge switch offers a low-profile solution for redundancy for a wide range of applications. It features the ability to close two non-electrically isolated electrical circuits consecutively. The NC-Series is built to last, with an impressive lifecycle of up to 5,000,000 presses.

One of the standout features of the NC-Series is its innovative design. The long leg of the NC-Series serves as the normally closed position. When pressed, this leg disconnects the electrical connection while the central position of the dome makes contact with a second electrical connection. This unique mechanism allows for versatile and adaptable use in various applications.

Unlike conventional tactile switches and other normally closed solutions, the NC-Series offers a lower profile and an extended operational life, making it the go-to choice for engineers and designers seeking reliable, long-lasting solutions for their products.

“The NC-Series is a game-changer in the field of switches,” said Ashley Steinbach, Director of Strategic Development. “With its single pole, double throw capabilities, and low-profile design, it provides redundancy and versatility like we haven’t seen before in dome switches. The normally closed position of this switch asshists with energy efficiency by limiting conhtinuous operation, making it a sound choice for a wide array of industries.”

The NC-Series represents a significant advancement in electrical switches, offering engineers and designers a powerful and efficient solution. Whether used in automotive systems, industrial equipment, home appliances, or any other application requiring a normally closed switch, the NC-Series delivers advanced functionality.

To learn more about the NC-Series and how it can benefit your products and applications, please visit or contact Snaptron for more information.


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